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Medical Records

LMC patients can access their medical records through the LMC Patient Portal.

The LMC Health Information Management Department is responsible for maintaining the patient’s medical record. The service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

The main purpose of the medical record is to document the patient’s past and present illnesses and treatments. The record belongs to the hospital, but the information contained within the record is the patient’s property. The information may be used in various ways, including:

  • To document the course of the patient’s illness and treatment during each episode of care.

  • To communicate between the physician and other health professionals providing care to the patient.

  • To substantiate insurance claims for the health care facility and the patient.

  • To provide data to assist in protecting the legal interest of the patient, the physician, and the health care facility.

  • Before patient information will be released to another party, the patient or legal designee must sign either a consent or an authorization with any applicable charge for copying as outlined in the Tennessee Medical Record Act. If the record is to be released to another physician or health care provider for the continuum of care, there is no charge for copying.