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Surgical Services

Office Surgery & Consultations

We perform in-office consultations at the request of other physicians, patients, and their families. Surgical services offered in the office setting utilize local anesthesia only. These procedures include the removal of skin cancers, moles, and warts; biopsy of skin lesions; wound care; and suturing of minor lacerations.

Outpatient Surgeries

Outpatient surgeries and procedures are performed the same day the patient is admitted to the hospital. The patient will have their procedure and will go home the same day. Outpatient procedures include, but are not limited to, colonoscopy, upper GI scopes, skin cancer removal, lymph node removal, breast biopsies, and vasectomies.

Inpatient Surgeries

Many surgeries and procedures require one or more days in the hospital. Inpatient surgeries include, but are not limited to, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, breast surgery including lumpectomy and mastectomy, hepatic surgery, esophagus surgery, intestinal surgery, gynecologic surgery (including hysterectomy), and genitourinary procedures.

Location & Contact Information

LMG Surgical Associates
108 Medical Center Blvd. Suite G25
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334

Phone: 931-433-0892
Fax: 931-433-0896